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JULIANUS (YULIANUS YAPS) Julianus is a painter from Indonesia who dedicated his genre of painting for abstract art. His legal name is Julianus, his artist name is Yulianus Yaps and signature name at his work is Yap HS. He was born on 1950 Bangka, Indonesia. When he was a boy, he loves drawing very much and when he grow up, his dream will be a painter at the future. Unfortunately,  he never got a chance to get art school. He loves fine art, so start from he was a young boy until he has married and has children he spent many years to learn and study art painting by himself (autodidact). Till the last of 1995, he has collected more than 3000 pieces of his art works, there are sketches water and oil color paintings. At the end of 1995 there were a disaster (flood) had been hit his house for about two week that had destroyed almost all of his works that he has collected more than 25 years. Since that time, he tried various materials to create waterproof painting. Finally he found silic